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Elegance Champagne Saucers - Set of 2

Elegance Champagne Saucers - Set of 2

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Champagne Saucers – Part of our Elegance collection.

These crystal champagne or prosecco saucers are a classy way to enjoy your favourite bottle of champagne. They are made from premium crystal glass, without any decoration, engraving or embellishment. Because they are undecorated, it is essential that the finest quality glass is used to ensure a stand out finish in order to capture the attention of diners. Champagne saucers used to be the norm before flutes came into the mainstream. We believe these saucers are an elegant throwback to days gone by, and they even manage to hold more than a flute, so no need for constant refills! The saucers are part of our Elegance range, which is a collection of undecorated, plain crystal glass.


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