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Vaccum Pump Wine Preserver

Vaccum Pump Wine Preserver

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Our stainless steel coated wine pump prevents wasted bottles of wine by preserving them for up to 10 days longer after opening. Air is good for wine, as it helps bring out the wonderful aromas and flavours. That's why we use a wine aerator or decanter. However, too much exposure to air will lead to over oxidation and eventual deterioration. This is where out wine saver comes in to save the day. It requires no batteries and is easy to use. 

This wine gift set includes 4x reusable wine stoppers for you to preserve multiple bottles at once. Compatible with most wine bottles including screw tops. 


Simple slot the included silicone stopper in the open bottle of wine. Place the pump on top, then press down and pull up to extract air until you feel resistance. The silicone wine stoppers also eliminate the inconvenience of leakage, as they form an air tight seal. Easy to release, just price the toggle on the stopper and you'll hear the rush of air as it rebalances. Then pull the stopper out of the bottle. Pour and enjoy. 

  • Includes, 1x Wine Saver Pump and 4x Reusable Bottle Stoppers
  • The air pump features a stainless steel wrap
  • No batteries required - simple pump with your hand
  • Keeps wine fresh for up to 10 days
  • Comfortable handle
  • Fits most wine bottles, including screw caps
  • Presented in a branded hard gift box
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